One of the great things about having a Garden railway is the number of visitors it attracts.

There is a keen interest from your immediate neighbours, but also through forums like Continental Garden Trains you will make friends from far afield

Mike, Me, Van 

They often bring their own trains - Van with his Lawley 

Some come from further away Laurent and son Pierre arrive by TGV from Paris 

Van shows Pierre his Lyn Live Steam Loco 

 Me with neighbour Berthe, her daughter Sandrine and Grandchildren

 Or playing in the pool

September 2010 Richard, an old yachting buddy, from the UK drops by. 

Mike keeps us amused 

 It goes well on my layout

My wife Caroline with Laurent and Van 

 Phil lives in London but Summers near Civray

Not all visitors are human but these characters actually live in the pond 

Some of the younger visitors appear to prefer playing with the dogs 

Sue, Dorothy, Audrey and Laurent 

August 2010 Phil drops by with a "Billard" rail car 

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