POLA Girder Bridge one of the original structures on the layout 

La Courriere Station - another POLA building 

A scratch built station for Domaine d'Etang, loosely based on the original at Chamby.  Under construction above and completed below. 

A POLA Engine shed - modified with lighting and undertrack maintenance pits 

 And on the right, since Autumn 2011, the biggest and best structure, my railway hut acts as a control room and stock storage area.  The track runs right through it with multiple sidings inside.  Now we can start playing trains at the flick of a switch.................

A POLA house under construction - it will never be finished 

 A well purchased from Imagimonde - will be the centrepiece of a new village

A POLA Watermill which is actually powered by water and not the usual electric motor, a small electric pump supplies a hidden filterbox and the water is returned via the mill race. 

A Playmobil house - limited parking outside = how did they get the Renault Vivastella in there? 

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