Follow the development of a G Gauge exhibition module from concept to realisation.

This one is designed to fit with other those of other modellers and represents a mine working in France.  The mine will be linked with my existing "Cognac" module and will be mining grapes hence... La Mine De Vine

The module had its first public airing at Ferrovi'art Paris 22,23,24th March 2013

and subsequently attended Molins de Rei Catalonia in February 2014

Most modules have the circuit of G Scale track as the base  level.  This one has the G track at the top bridging a valley mine scene below.

 Right- the front panel cut out of 6mm ply..................


The external carcass assembled, the 13mm ply at the rear will carry the return rail of LGB track.  A bridge will span the valley at the front.

Hand holds have been cut in the ends for ease of transport handling

The overall module size is 120cm wide, 90cm from front to back and 37cm deep

It is designed to fit with MOMI and other French based modellers modules


One key element of the module was to represent underground mine operations.  In france 40cm gauge Decauville track was used in mines. OO/HO track at 16.5mm scales out to almost 40cm at 22.5:1 (The scale of MOMI modules based on that notionally used by LGB).

By taking standard HO track and removing sleepers a rough representation of the decauville track can be achieved 



Using HO wheel sets, little Decauville style tipping mine hopper wagons were fabricated from brass sheet. Here seen against a Preiser G Scale figure

Right- a loop of the modified track has been fitted to the base of the layout, into which has been cut and created a river bed in the valley floor 

Below - the first of the decorative structures, the bridge support piers have been fitted.  These like most other elements will be made from dense foam polystyrene to save weight.  The stone effect is made by impressing the surface with a blunt pencil... 

 The sheets are glued using quick setting PVA and corners reinforced with balsa sections as needed


Two wooden bearers are located to carry the weight of  the G gauge track, but are removeable for the time being for better access to the module


One of the carrying hand holds in the carcass can be seen at the back left of this picture

The valley sides will later surround the supporting piers 

An electronic control box is built and fitted to light LED's in the mine tunnels and drive an old CD tray for some integral animation. 

A battery driven mine engine for the lower track 

Internal structures and buildings from polystyrene sheet 

The rock walls are built up with squares of cloth soaked in a mixture of plaster and PVA glue.


Things start to come together with a lick of paint and a few figures .....

And then linked up with an existing "Cognac" module 

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