My Stock of Track Powered Locos is downsizing as I migrate to Battery and Live Steam

Most of my track powered models are decoder chipped with Massoth sound and operated through an LGB MTS / Massoth Navigator system.

I now use a single RC Trains Transmitter for all my r/c equipped Battery and Live Steam locos

ELok - A fun little loco fitted with Massoth Sound 

Stainz a much modded loco effectively built from bits - resprayed cab and brass grab rails fitted with Massoth Sound and Smoke - lots of fun. 

KOF Diesel Shunter - cheap as chips bought direct from Marcus in Germany.

Have added front and rear directional lighting and Massoth sound.

LGB Tram unit, now Battery Powered,  I simply added some French advertising banners to suit the layout.  Of course having a tram necessitated the addition of overhead catenary. (Which has subsequently fallen foul of rabbits and dogs)

A couple of cheap Stainz's ex sets, wired back to back to improve current pick up and digitally chipped.  Great little work horses. Massoth equipped.

The "Tramadol" homemade from a couple of Stainz cabs and a Playmobil motor block.  A sort of cross between a Tram and a Draisine.

A Corpet Louvet hauling two clerestory roofed compartment coaches.   Now sold

Stainz - now battery powered via a trailed flat wagon.

Mallet - now sold

Loco's bought and sold on Ebay 

Track Cleaner - essential for DCC

Accucraft Bagueley equipped with Battery r/c

Schoema Diesel - the loco bought on French Ebay in August 08 that started it all - sold in Feb 09 to fund a Live Steam acquisition.

U- Class - bought and sold on French Ebay to fund Live Steam 

E - Lok a rash purchase from UK Ebay.  Thankfully recovered outlay when sold on French Ebay 

Krokodil - purchased September 08 - reluctantly sold on GSM in November to fund Mallet purchase as interests moved towards Steam Models

LGB Trams - I do like these models -I  keep buying them from German Ebay, but then tempted to sell on to the UK market. 

 A diesel field loco purchased for the MOMI Cognac Module

Now equipped with DCC

 An Austrian U-Class from the Zillertallbahn - sold

 LGB Kleine Dicke - great little Loco - now sold ! Should have kept it, great for battery conversion.

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