Over time, my interest has moved more and more to live steam...

This is one of my latest acquisitions, a Roundhouse "Lady Anne" built from a kit fitted with r/c controlled by a single RC Trains "Selecta" transmitter along with all my other r/c locos.

Cheddar Samson currently out for lining with friend Ray Ellis r/c updated "Selecta" compatible Deltang receiver

Accucraft Leader, painted and Lined by Ray Ellis.  Manual only.

Here are 4 moreof my live steam locos at CVDP (Circuit Vapeur Denis Papin near Blois) in July 2014 from left to right....

  • OWAIN a kit built on an Accucraft "Edrig" chassis

  • TRAM built by friend Carl Hibbs on an "Edrig" chassis

  • EDRIG with an added home constructed cab

  • MAX a Regner kit

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