Work starts September 2008 

Much Concreting in Prospect 


The Grand Plan 

Pond Complete and Raised Area - March 2009 

A Watermill Arrives - April 2009 

And an Engine Shed to House My New Live Steam Loco - Edrig

I've fitted my Edrig (left) with a cab, whistle and radio controls

The Railway now has a logo - May 2009 

The Completed Layout - June 2009 

  1. Site of wood yard - yet to be started
  2. Lower loop under the peach trees
  3. La Courriere station
  4. Steaming up area
  5. Loading point for complete trains in cassettes
  6. Watermill
  7. Goods area and Engine Sheds
  8. Domaine d'Etang Villa
  9. Reversing loop connecting upper and lower tracks

A Stainz / KOF Consist passes above an E Lok Passenger Service 

A Tent appears to shield operators from the Sun - June 2009 

We get to visit other layouts in France 

Geoff (left) kindly lent me his rail bender to complete my layout

September 2010 a farm appears 

A Monsieur "Delboy" sets up shop near the etang. 

Autumn 2011 a railway hut to act as storage and control centre, prompting a new layout that removed the reversing loop and runs right through the hut  at 3.... 

 A Mallet hauling the La Courriere Express passes Etang Gare

The Construction Team Finish

And new characters  move in  

We even operate at night 

A ruined chapel appears on a hillside 

First of the winter snows November 2010 

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